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Our Products

Hydraulic Servovalves

[Hydraulic Servovalves]

The servovalve is the heart of every electrohydraulic control system. The observance of static and dynamic parameters requires equipment of the highest quality.

The SCHNEIDER piston slide valves in single and multi-stage versions fulfill these criteria perfectly thanks to 100% quality control.

Pneumatic Servovalves

[Pneumatic Servovalves]

The electropneumatic servovalves with adaptable displacement transducers and pressure controllers for position and continuous pressure control are predestined for a wide range of application areas such as:

  • Packaging machines
  • Pneumatic brakes
  • Compressors
  • Auto-pilots
  • Gas quantity metering

Control Technology

[Control Technology]

The electronic program to control and regulate fluid technology drives ranges from simple current amplifiers in box design and high-quality analog and digital PID controllers to the ultra-fast, intelligent DSP axis controller. This system can be optimally programmed to the respective application by using the software and adapted parameterization.

Hydraulic Axes

[Hydraulic Axes]

Plug and Play: Ready-to-connect hydraulic axes according to customer specifications and on-board intelligence with components from the product range.

  • Servovalves NG6 and NG10 with and without integrated electronics
  • Fast digital controllers
  • Cylinders with displacement transducer



Specific accessories for servovalves, such as connecting and flushing plates, as well as various multipolar plugs for electrohydraulic and pneumatic control technology.

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