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Tailored Solutions

Together we develop a solution for your hydraulic drive system. Taking a holistic approach, we concern ourselves with the hydraulic linear drive in a closed-loop system.

The resulting hydraulic linear drives:

  • are tested for their functionality
  • can be used immediately
  • guarantee reliable, friction-free operation
  • provide a tailored solution for hydraulic applications
  • are geared optimally to the technical environment
  • guarantee precise and reliable pressure control and positioning accuracy
  • can be integrated individually into control systems
  • are simple to install
  • are robust and durable

If you have questions regarding our tailored solutions or require further advice, please feel free to contact us at any time.

  • Telephone +49 (0) 671 601-278
  • E-Mail

Wir arbeiten mit Lichtgeschwindigkeit. Auch im Weltraum.

Application examples



Our compact products and engineering help to make optimal use of raw materials, irrespective of whether for wind, gas or other power plants.



High precision coupled with dynamism lend our products the necessary power density to ensure the variety of possible applications.

[Formel 1]


Not only technical applications for the manufacture of goods rely on the speed of our servovalves – we also provide holistic solutions for leisure and entertainment applications.


Oil and gas offshore

In extreme conditions, whether in wind, rain, heat or frost, our robust systems work steadily and reliably.



Holistic solutions and the use of our dynamic products help to gain a technical lead for machines and systems, e.g. wood-/metal-working machines and machine tools.


Testing and inspection applications

With repeat accuracy, reliability and stability for both low and high flow rates, our products provide extremely high reliability in individually adapted solutions.

[Space Shuttle]


People entrust their ideas and visions to us in order to secure joint technical success for the future.

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